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Description of the trip

The Ionian is one of the most popular sailing areas in the world and our 7 days Discover the Ionian trip is the ideal way to visit the most beautiful and idyllic places of the western Greece at the same time you will gain sailing experience and confidence. The Discover the Ionian trip is ideal for beginners and advanced sailors as well. Depending on your level of experience you will be trained accordingly by our experienced skippers in order to participate in the day to day running of the yacht. Sailing across the Ionian sea will give us the chance to swim in the most beautiful and picturesque bays, to visit unique sites and sail in areas where the breeze is guaranteed. We will develop sailing and navigating techniques working as a team, we will explore sites their culture and cuisine and we will discover the real Ionian.

Each day’s plan includes dropping our anchor in one of the idyllic bays of the area and finishing the day in different port each time.

  • Individuals – TBA
  • Private expedition – weekly Sunday to Sunday
Price from 990.00 €
Available Spaces
  • Individuals – TBA
  • Private expedition up to 7 depending on yacht
  • PRIVATE EXPEDITION For small groups of friends and families who want to visit beautiful locations sailing, the option of a private expedition is ideal as you won’t share the yacht with someone else except your skipper. Charter a coded vessel from our fleet considering a cabin for your skipper and combine sailing fun with holidays. ( fuel, provisions, the cost of the skipper’s meals and mooring fees are not included in the price )
 Price per week – individuals
  • Low season 990€
  • Mid season 1.090€
  • High season 1.190€

Plus 50% for single cabin use

Price per week – private expedition
  • BAVARIA 39/ FLUID 1/ 2008
  • DUFOUR 390 / FLUID 2 / 2021
  • BENETEAU FIRST 45F5 / FLUID 3 / 1996
  • BENETEAU OCEANIS 43 / FLUID 4 / 2010
  • FUID 1 – Low 5.500€ /Mid 6.200€ /High 6.500€
  • FLUID 2 – Low 7.400€ /Mid 8.000€ /High 8.600€
  • FLUID 3 – Low 5.700€ /Mid 6.500€ /High 6.700€
  • FLUID 4 – Low 6.100€ /Mid 6.900€ /High 7.100€
  •  DARWIN – Low 6.900€ /Mid 7.800€ /High 8.800€
  • Low season Before May 21st & After Oct 1st
  • Mid season May 21st to Jul 2nd & Sep 3rd to Oct 1st
  • High season July 2nd to Sep 3rd


TOTAL MILES: Minimum of 160 N.M

Beginners & Advanced Sailors


DAY 1 / Joining day

On day one you will join the yacht and you will meet the rest of the crew and the skipper. On your arrival you will be welcomed by the skipper and briefed about the basics regards the yacht and the surroundings. Once everyone has arrived we will have the chance to have a drink all together to know each other and discuss the details of the trip and our expectations.

DAY 2 / Sailing to Kastos (21 N.M )

After having a good breakfast we will have the safety briefing where everyone will participate in order to learn the use and location of the safety equipment. You will also be briefed about the yacht and her equipment in detail before departure as she is going to be your home for the next 7 days.
According to our daily plan we will drop our anchor in a bay where we can have a swim and lunch while waiting for the breeze to pick up. Once that happens, we’ll get our anchor and sails up and start sailing to Kastos. It’s time for everyone to start getting involved in the sailing and get his/her sea legs. Our plan is to sail until 17.00-18.00hrs when we will aim to stop for the night. Kastos is the least crowded place in the Ionian and that makes you think that you are somewhere far away in the middle of nowhere. Usually in Kastos we spend the night on free anchoring as the port is extremely small and we use our tender to go ashore. Once we stop the first thing that you will want to do once you see the colour of the sea is to jump in, and this is what usually happens. Plenty of time for relaxing and swimming before getting ashore for exploring and dinner at one of the traditional tavernas of the island

Photo by Mrs Pebble on Unsplash

DAY 3 / Sailing to Agia Eufimia in Kefalonia (25 N.M )

The day starts with a good breakfast and a morning swim in the crystal clear water of the bay of Kastos. Once we are ready we ‘ll prepare a passage plan and start sailing towards Agia Eufimia in Kefalonia. On our way to our destination we’ll have a stop for a swim and lunch in the uninhabited island of Atokos which is famous for the One house bay and cliff bay at the south east side of it. Once the wind picks up again we’ll get our anchor and sails up and start sailing to the south tip of Ithaca towards Agia Eufimia in Kefalonia. The route is ideal to start getting familiar with the yacht and the sails as we will start on a broad reach followed by a beam reach and then tacking in order to sail North to our final destination for the day. Our plan is to sail until 17:00-18:00hrs when we will aim to stop for the night. At the very well organized port of Agia Eufimia we’ll have more options regarding dinner and drinks ashore and also we’ll have the chance to visit the amazing cave of Melissani the next morning.

DAY 4 / Sailing to Agios Nikolaos in Zante ( 30 N.M )

The day starts with a good breakfast and a morning swim or a visit to the Melissani cave. Once everyone is ready we will start heading south towards Zante where our destination for the day is. On our way to Agios Nikolaos we will cross the channel among Zante and Kefalonia. At this area usually the wind is a bit stronger and the waves a bit bigger. By this day everyone will have improve his/her skills and will have built up confidence, so this is the day that everyone will start gaining more experience. Day by day you will be coached and encouraged by your skipper to get more involved in the sailing, navigation and passage planning. Our plan is to sail until 17.00-18.00 when we ‘ll aim to stop for the night . Agios Nikolaos is a quiet fishing village at the north tip of Zante 9 N.M away from the famous shipwreck bay which we are going to visit the following day.

Photo by Irena Kefala on Unsplash

DAY 5 / Sailing to the ship wreck bay and Frikes in Ithaca ( 50 N.M )

Today is the longest day of the week so an early start is necessary. We will have breakfast on the way to the ship wreck bay and we will try to be there early enough before it gets too crowded as it is one of the most famous bays in the world. On our way back we will have a swim in the blue caves and after that we’ll start heading North to the island of Ithaca where Frikes is. The east side of Ithaca is windy every afternoon and this is where our playground for the day will be .Sailing close to the mountains of Ithaca can be challenging for some beginners but for us is the area where we’ll get better as a team and enjoy more of what our yacht is capable to do!! Our plan is to sail until latest 19.00-20.00 when we ‘ll aim to stop for the night. The village of Frikes is the ideal destination for a sailor after a long day. Amazing local cuisine and cold beer at the one and only bar of the place is all a sailor needs.

DAY 6 / Sailing to Fiscardo in Kefalonia ( 12 N.M )

Short day today, so there is time for a nore relaxed breakfast and swim in the crystal clear water of the bay of Frikes. Once we decide to leave this amazing place our next job will be to find a nice bay at the north tip of Ithaca, where we can have lunch and swim waiting for the breeze to pick up. Once the wind picks up we’ll get our anchor and sails up and start heading to Fiscardo at the north tip of Kefalonia. The channel among the islands of Ithaca and Kefalonia can be really challenging some times as the wind funnels through it and this is the perfect area to improve your skills, built up your confidence and gain experience. This is what your skipper will encourage you to do by sailing in this area. Again our plan is to sail until 17.00-18.00 hrs when we’ll aim to stop for the night. Fiscardo is the most popular sailing destination of the Ionian and one of the most beautiful places of Greece. We’ll have the chance to explore the place before dinner and have a drink or a cocktail in one of the bars of the village. The place is also famous for the amazing local cuisine and night life.

DAY 7 / Sailing back to Sivota Bay in Lefkas ( 22 N.M )

A good day always starts with a good breakfast and the last day is not an exception. After we get our selves ready we will get our anchor up and find a nice bay at the north tip of Kefalonia where we’ll have lunch and swim waiting for the breeze to pick up. On the last day we’ll sail as much as possible in the area among Lefkas, Ithaca and Kefalonia where the breeze is guaranteed . Tacking, gybing and sailing around until we finish the day back in our base by 17.00-18.00hrs where we will spend the last night on board. Back in Lefkas we’ll have the farewell dinner and explore the Lefkas town its shops and night life.

We have many years of experience sailing in the area and we planned and organized this 7 days trip in such way for you to have the maximum benefit and fun. We have chosen the destinations of this trip very carefully considering the local weather patterns and the nature of the sites for swim stops in our way to the daily destination. We have an easy start at the beginning of the trip followed by longer and more demanding days and a smooth couple of days to finish the week. If you are either a beginner or an advanced sailor you will improve your skills, built up your confidence and gain experience through this trip while you will visit and explore one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. You will taste the local cuisine and experience the culture and life style of the Ionian.


The size of our yachts is from 39ft to 45ft which is the ideal size for our 3days adventure. Not too big so less hard job to do, not too small so more comfortable and faster. Our yachts also carry equipment for water activities you can use for free like snorkelling, kayak and SUP.

Our yachts are RYA / MCA safety coded – very well maintained by our engineers and fully equipped. You will get easily your sea legs on a yacht like this and you will find your self participating in the sailing sooner than you thought. You will find plenty of space in the fully equipped galley of the yacht where we prepare our breakfast, lunch and snacks.
The cockpit and the deck have lots of space for having our breakfast and lunch as group and for having a drink while relaxing in the sunset. Depending on your reservation you will be accommodated on a bunk bed or a double bed cabin with or without private head. The yachts get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before every trip.

RYA Day Skipper Course

What’s Included

  • Fuel

  • Mooring fees

  • Water, gas

  • Bed linen & towels

  • Snorkelling equipment , kayak, SUP

  • Safety equipment

  • Provisions for breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Soft drinks

  • WiFi unlimited internet (speed depending on mobile signal quality)

  • V.A.T.

What’s not included

  • Cost of drinks and dinner ashore

  • Cost of transfers and flights to / from our base

  • Cost for participating in activities like scuba diving, visiting archaeological sites etc


  • Ideal for beginners and advanced sailors

  • Minimum of 160 NM

  • Minimum of 6 destinations

  • Sailing in the most popular area of the Ionian

  • Swimming in crystal clear water bays

  • Anchoring in picturesque bays

  • Amazing local cuisine

  • Exploring local culture and traditions

  • Combine sailing, training and fun


  • These kind of sailing holidays are adventure sailing holidays so you are considered as part of the crew once you proceed on booking

  • As part of the crew you will be getting involved in the day to day running of the yacht. You will be helping sail the yacht, involved in the planning, navigating, cooking and keeping the yacht clean and tidy.

  • This kind of adventure trips are a bit more demanding than some other ordinary holidays, All ages are welcome as long as you meet our basic fitness and medical criteria.

  • Please make sure you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions before booking

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