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Sail Around Greece Mile Building Trip Description 

Mile Building Sailing Trip with ionianMode. Sail Around Greece and discover the most beautiful islands. The Greek islands are famous for their wide and disparate variety of beautiful attractions. Different traditions, cultures, and cuisines make every one of them unique. Even the landscape itself shifts, something you will notice as we sail from west to east through the Corinth Canal. We organized and planned the Sail Around Greece Mile Building trip having your experience as the core factor. Thus, we will visit the most beautiful islands of the Ionian and the Aegean Sea, swim in picturesque bays, and explore the local culture and traditions of each island. We will also journey into less traveled and well-known places and taste traditional food in taverns where the locals meet at the end of the day after a hard day’s work. We will mingle with the locals and participate in local customs and festivals. This trip will allow you to discover the real Greece and its people.

Sailing around the Peloponnese and in the central Aegean can be challenging because of the Meltemia, and strong winds that provide you with a challenging and blood-rushing experience. This is the reason why this trip is ideal for advanced sailors who want to improve their skills and gain more experience. Consequently, prior basic knowledge and sailing experience are expected. Every member will get around working on the sailing, navigation, and passage planning procedures. Our experienced skippers will coach and encourage you to participate in the day-to-day running of the yacht to provide you with a meaningful experience.

  • The  Mile building trip is divided into two legs of approximately 600 N.M. covered distance and duration of 14 days each. You can book an individual leg or the entire expedition which is recommended.
  • The expedition includes some long sailing days, at least one night sail, and some preparation of food on the way


Dates & Cost  of the Mile Building Trip


27 APRIL – 11 MAY 2024

27 APRIL  – 11 MAY 2025 

11 -25 MAY 2024

11 – 25 MAY 2025

Price1950.00 €1950.00 €
Available Spaces44


TOTAL MILES: Minimum of 1200 N.M

LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: Advanced & Experienced Sailors

Mile Building – Leg 1 Lefkas to Kos 

  • On day one of the Mile building trip you will join the yacht and you will meet the the skipper and rest of the crew. Upon your arrival, you will be welcomed by your skipper and briefed about the basics regarding the yacht and its surroundings. Once everyone has arrived, we will all have the chance to have a drink as we get to know each other and discuss the expedition.
  • The next morning we will spend a couple of hours going through the yacht and her equipment in detail as well as the safety briefing and emergency action plans. After we finish with the necessary safety training we will depart.

We plan to sail from Lefkas, south across the Ionian, around Peloponnese, along the south Cyclades, and finish the Leg1 in Kos. The covered distance is expected to be at least 600 N.M. for 14 days. On our way to Kos, we plan to stop in various ports and drop our anchor in many different bays where we can enjoy a swim in crystal clear water.

Daily, the skipper together with the crew will plan the trip ahead of time according to the weather conditions to yield maximum benefits. Hence it is expected on this trip to have some long sailing days, at least one night sail and some longer stops in places that are worth spending a bit more time for exploration.

Sailing across the Ionian, Peloponnese, and Aegean is all you need to improve your skills and enhance your experience. The benefit of participating in the Round of Greece Adventure is that during the expedition you will be trained on sailing and navigating techniques as well as planning long passages.

LEG 1 Destinations

  • LEFKAS The island of Lefkas is our starting point, our yacht will be based in Syvota, a natural bay set on the southern coast of the island. Our pontoon is in the middle part of the bay opposite Sivota Bakery Cafe. You will have time to relax and explore the village during the afternoon on joining day.

  • ITHACA & KEFALONIA We will spend the next couple of days sailing around Ithaca and Kefalonia and our destinations will be the traditional villages of Fiscardo and Frikes. The wind in the channel between Kefalonia and Ithaca is usually stronger as it funnels through it. Sailing in the channel will give us the chance to start sailing better as a team and get more familiar with the yacht, her sails, and equipment. We will start practicing on man overboard recovery drills and other emergencies as well on navigating and skippering techniques. During the day we will have as usual, time for a swim in one of the idyllic bays of the area and later in the day, time to explore the inland of the islands.

  • ZANTE One of the most beautiful bays in the world is the Shipwreck Bay at the northwest side of Zante which we are going to visit before day’s end at the port of Agios Nikolaos.

  • KATAKOLO Our next stop is Katakolo where we are going to spend a bit more time than usual in order to visit the archeological site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of Olympic games. One of the most important Archaeological sites in the world.
Photo by James Lee on Unsplash
Sail Around Greece
  • PYLOS The great naval battle of Navarino (1827) took place in the bay that we are going to spend the day. The gulf of Pylos is a very well protected shelter and the town is built on two hills facing the sea. Beautiful and picturesque town that is worth visiting.

  • ELAFONISOS The place with the amazing bays and the crystal clear water that has been described by many sailors as the paradise on earth, is going to be our last destination before we start heading to the Aegean sea.

  • MILOS Our first destination of the Aegean is going to be the island of Milos, famous for its amazing bays on the south side. The scenery of the Aegean is completely different from the Ionian,  with less trees and rocky landscapes next to the deep blue colour of the sea – the wild beauty of the Cyclades islands. Milos will be the introduction.

  • SANTORINI The most famous island of Greece. Sometimes words are not enough to describe the amazing landscape. You have to see it with your own eyes, you have to experience it, you have to feel it. No matter how many times you visit, the feeling is always the same – amazingly mesmerizing.

  • ASTIPALAIA captivates visitors with its stunning blend of white-washed Cycladic architecture, azure waters, and tranquil charm. Known for its historic Venetian castle, unspoiled beaches, and authentic Greek hospitality.

  • KOS Our last destination for Leg 1. It is unbelievable how quickly the time goes by when you enjoy sailing and are having fun. Here is the place where we will say goodbye to our new friends who are finishing the trip and give a promise for a future expedition. Kos is the place where a sailor needs to relax and have some fun after 600N.M of sailing. We will have a two-day stop on the island of Kos for a mid-trip yacht check, provisioning, deep cleaning, and welcoming the new crew members.

Mile Building – Leg 2 Kos to Lefkas 

Those who will participate in both legs of the mile building trip will have the chance to explore the island of Kos and relax on one of the sandy bays in the area. The newcomers will be welcomed by the skipper and briefed about the basics of the yacht and the surroundings. Per usual, we will have the safety briefing and discuss the second part of the trip and our expectations before we depart. We plan to sail north across the Dodecanese islands and then across the Aegean where we will spend a few days sailing around the Cyclades islands. We will keep heading west and stopping in bays and islands on our way until we cross the unique Corinth Canal. Then we will sail across the Corinth Gulf and we will finish our expedition in Lefkas.

  • On our way to Lefkas, we plan to stop in various ports and drop our anchor in the most idyllic bays of the Aegean, where we will enjoy swimming in crystal-clear waters.
  • The skipper together with the crew will plan the trip daily according to the weather conditions to yield maximum benefits. So it is expected on this trip to have some long sailing days, at least one night sail and some longer stops in places that are worth spending a bit more time for exploration.
  • Sailing across the Aegean can be challenging and it is exactly what a sailor needs to improve their skills and build confidence. The benefit of participating in the Sail Around Greece adventure is that during the expedition you will be trained on sailing and navigating techniques as well as planning longer passages.



  • SYMI Heading north, Symi will be our first destination. Not far from Rhodes, it is the perfect place to start. The deep blue colour of the sea around the island and the colourful houses of Symi town are the main attractions. Amazing cuisine and unique local culture – all worth exploring. The breeze on our way to Symi is guaranteed and ideal to start getting familiar with the yacht
  • KALYMNOS We will keep sailing in the breezy south area of the Dodecanese where we will start practising on man overboard recovery and other emergencies as well on how to prepare the yacht for adverse weather. During the day we will have as usual time for a swim in one of the bays. Our next unique destination is the mountainous island of Kalymnos which became famous for its local sponge divers. The museum dedicated to sponge divers at the Kalymnos town is worth visiting.

  • LEROS Our next stop is Leros which is not far from Kalymnos and that means more time for practising and relaxing in one of the amazing bays of the place.

  • PATMOS The island of Patmos combines unique bays and landscapes with very important historical sites as it is the place where John of Patmos is said to have written the Book of Revelations in the cave of Apocalypse. The monastery at the top of the hill is one of the places that we will also explore.

  • AMORGOS Our first destination in the central Aegean. The area of the central Aegean can be very challenging for some sailors because of the Meltemi that blows from a North direction during the day. Challenging but exhilarating at the same time and ideal for building confidence and gaining experience. The rocky nature of the island next to the deep blue of the sea and the white houses at the top of the hill make this picturesque landscape.

Photo by Baptiste Azais on Unsplash
  • KOUFONISIA – SCHOINOUSA – HERAKLIA Some of the less touristy islands of Greece described by many as the hidden paradise on the south of Cyclades. Definitely a favourite among sailors. It doesn’t matter how many times you might have been there you just want to sail back again and again. Small, quiet, idyllic and an inland that’s worth exploring. Authentic cuisine and local culture.
  • SERIFOS Our last destination before we leave the Aegean. Another rocky island of Cyclades with amazing bays.

  • HYDRA The island of Hydra is special in many ways. The unique local cuisine, the culture and the night life make it a favourite destination for sailors in the Saronic gulf. The fact that you are not going to see any cars on the island (because there aren’t any) might be the reason that it will be your favorite as well

  • CORINTH CANAL Crossing the Corinth Canal is an unforgettable experience for many sailors. Completed in 1893, it is 4 N.M in length and just 21.4 meters wide.

  • ITEA Our next stop is Itea where we are going to spend a bit more time than usual in order to visit the archaeological site of the Oracle of Delfi, one of the most interesting sites to visit.

  • ITHACA We wouldn’t finish the expedition sailing around Greece without making a stop to Ithaca – the birthplace of Odysseus. We will taste the local cuisine and we’ll spend the night in one of the small fishing villages on the island.

  • LEFKAS Our last destination . It is unbelievable sometimes how quickly the time goes by when you love sailing and are having fun. Here, we will have the farewell dinner and drinks and spend the night before we bid farewell and make a promise for a new future adventure.

More information about the Greek islands can be found at the official Ministry of Tourism website


  • Our yachts of the Mile building trip  are a Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 and a Jeanneau 49 Sun Odyssey which is a good size for our 4 weeks adventure. With 5+1 & 4 Double en Suit cabins it’s a very comfortable size for our rather long trip. We also carry equipment for water activities you can use for free, for instance, snorkeling, kayaking, and SUP.
  • Our yachts are very well maintained by our engineers, fully equipped and they comply with international safety regulations. You will easily get your sea legs on a yacht like this and you will find yourself participating in the sailing sooner than you thought. You will find plenty of space in the fully equipped galley of the yacht where we prepare our breakfast, lunch, and snacks.
  • The cockpit and the deck have lots of space for having our breakfast and lunch as a group and for having a drink while relaxing in the sunset.
  • Depending on your reservation you will be accommodated on a bunk bed or a double bed cabin with or without a private head.
  • The yachts get thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before every trip.


  • Fuel

  • Mooring fees

  • Water, gas

  • Bed linen & towels

  • Snorkelling equipment , kayak, SUP

  • Safety equipment

  • Provisions for breakfast, lunch and snacks

  • Soft drinks


  • Cost of drinks and dinner ashore

  • Cost of transfers and flights to/from our base

  • Cost for participating in activities like scuba diving, visiting archaeological sites etc


  • Ideal for advanced sailor who want to gain experience
  • Challenging sailing
  • Minimum of 600 NM each Leg
  • Minimum of 12 destinations each Leg
  • Sailing in the most popular area of the Ionian and the Aegean
  • Swimming in crystal clear water bays
  • Anchoring in picturesque bays
  • Amazing local cuisine
  • Exploring local culture and traditions
  • Combine sailing, training and fun


  • Prices refer to shared cabin / saloon sofa accommodation. For single cabin accommodation price is 2.925€ per leg.
  • These trips are adventure sailing holidays so you are considered a part of the crew once you proceed to booking.

  • As part of the crew you will be getting involved in the day-to-day running of the yacht. You will be helping sail the yacht, making plans, navigating, cooking and keeping the yacht clean and tidy.

  • Adventure trips are a bit more demanding compared to typical holiday trips. Thus, all ages are welcome as long as you meet our basic fitness, age and medical criteria.

  • Please make sure you have read and agreed to our terms and conditions before booking.


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